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JKARC Weldmaster 190A IGBT Inverter Welding Machine - Welcome to JKARC India


JKARC Weldmaster 190A IGBT Inverter Welding Machine


Model Weldmaster
Phase Single Phase
Output  AMP 190 AMP
Input Volts 170V – 270V
Size  9.0” X 4.13” X 5.11”
Weight 2.5 kg.
2.0m X 16mm welding cable with holder

1.5m X 16mm earthing cable with clamp

Welding Helmet with Glass


Rod & Working Capacity 2.0mm for 24 hrs

3.15mm for 12 hrs

4.0mm 10 rod continuous


Price :

8,200.00 6,200.00 (GST Included 6,200.00)



  • JKARC Weldmaster 190A Single Phase IGBT Inverter welding machine with wide input voltage 170V – 270V
  • The product comes with one year warranty
  • Superior IGBT protection and overheat protection
  • Easy to carry, suitable for indoor and outdoor operations
  • Anti-sticking preventing against over loading, the unit easing removal of the electrode, thermostatic control and fan cooled carrying strap
  • Compact, portable highly effective, low consumption, energy saving, with strong compensation capability
  • Accessories: Welding cable with holder, Earthing cable with clamp, Welding helmet
  • Important Parameters
    • 190A with Hot Start
    • Voltage Input:                        170V – 270V
    • Rod can be Used:                  2.0mm – 3.15mm
    • Electrode Holder:                   2.0m X 16mm
    • Frequency (Hz):                     50/60
    • Duty cycle:                              60%
    • Efficiency:                               85%
  • Special Features
    • Reliable IGBT Technology
    • Anti-Stick Functions
    • IGBT Protection
    • Overheat Protection
    • Compact Design and Sturdy Construction
    • Easy to Carry and Port

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  1. admin

    Surprisingly this is the lightest and most compact welding machine at a very reasonable price.

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